Tuesday, 17 March 2009

ivy group

This month's Ivy Group took on a Comic Relief theme, instead of the usual seasonal topic. Everyone (including the mums) came along with silly hair, and some dressed up as well. We played some silly games, including welly wanging ....

..... which mums had to play too (Tess took the photo, with my SLR camera - her first time of using it, and she got on really well with it)

The children also made a mother's day present .... a pot pouri bag and a little paper bag to carry it in ..... (Tess's in pink, with a rainbow drawn on it, and Brodie's in blue, with a picture of me in a space suit - though you can't see the drawings too well in the photo).

One smell and they both decided I could keep the lavender bags, but the paper bags were quickly claimed for keeping puppies and stones in!

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