Wednesday, 25 February 2009

moors valley

At the weekend, we had a family trip to Moors Valley Country Park, a favourite place for us to visit. Tess & Brodie took the new scooters we had bought (at a great special offer price in Halfords, I should add!) for them to use in London - they had practically slept with the scooters since we got them on Wednesday, so it was no big surprise that they wanted to take them to Moors Valley. It was a beautiful day, so the place was busy, and we parked right at the far end of the car park. This was a big bonus for Tess & Brodie as they found a 'secret path' through to the visitor centre.

We then experienced a first, as Brodie seemed to think it was more fun to scoot along chasing the train than actually riding on it. We have never before been able to do anything at Moors Valley until we have had a train ride! 

We rounded the day off with a play in the 2 playgrounds there. There is a great play trail through the woods, but we didn't have time to go round that this time, as we arrived in the afternoon and it takes quite a while to get round.

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